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We are two athletes living on the Mississippi Gulf Coast who are passionate about sprinting. We compete in the Women’s 55-59 age group and Men’s 75-79 age group in both the Senior Olympics and the USA Track & Field events. One of us had run long distances in college whereas the other had never set foot on a track. As neophytes to the sport, we began sprinting at ages 54 and 63.

We met in Boston after the 2014 USATF indoor event and were surprised to find that we live within an hour of each other and had competed in some of the same events.

Comparing notes, we found that the majority of our competitors were athletes who had decades of experience, having been high school or college sprinters. Their muscle memory is apparent in the blocks. The starting blocks, which are critical to sprints, are daunting. We are still learning how to use the blocks to get the best start possible.

In this blog, we will be chronicling our progress as we progress through a mesocycle in preparing for the 2015 National Senior Games in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We will attempt to outline our training program which we have characterized as a Endurance session followed by a Speed session with about 3-4 days between each one.

Following the NSG we are reviewing our performances and fine tuning our training for the next events.


  1. impson115@gmail.com says:

    Looking good! Keep up the pace…your practice will pay off. I am proud of you both!

  2. Alice Marie Gravely says:

    You both are inspirations to Baby Boomers. It will be wonderful to read more about your training and races.

  3. Trish says:

    You Two are such an inspiration!! Good luck in Minnesota!!

  4. Carolyn Busenlener says:

    Good luck, John!! We have been following your progress. Carolyn and Tom Busenlener

  5. Charlotte Carter says:

    Congrats! Power to you John!

    I’m so glad you have kept me in the loop.

    Gwen and John,
    Although I moved back north ages ago, I have happy memories from when I lived in Bay St. Louis. and was lucky enough to know such a delightful couple.

    Much Love,


  6. Denise says:

    So impressed Inez – Best of Luck to you and your partner – you are amazing !!!!! Can’t wait to hear about the event — I will be thinking of you – .

  7. Tahmi & Ralph says:

    Geaux John & Inez!

  8. Steve Haisley says:

    As others have said, very inspirational to us older folks. You’re living proof that life doesn’t have to slow down during our “Golden Years.” You’re in my thoughts and I wish you the best of luck in Minneapolis. Semper Fidelis

  9. Catherine Mettille says:

    I would be surprised if you did not come in first. You always were the fastest runner in the family.

  10. Linda Allison says:

    How awesome you two are! Good luck!!

  11. suzanne thibodeaux waldrop says:

    Good Luck John!! Will be thinking of you– travel safely and do well!

  12. Chuck Gallagher says:

    Congratulations on even getting there. You are both looking great and doing great. Best wishes and good luck on these nationals.

  13. Katherine Fucetola says:

    Way to go guys!! Can’t wait to see how you do!!

  14. Diane Caporino says:

    Good Luck on July 8th. Run, Pappy, Run! And Inez, too.

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